Smart Healthy Lifestyle Group

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Smart Healthy Lifestyle Group


We are reaching out to local people who, like us, want to create a stronger, healthier lifestyle.  By doing the same things, we can expect the same results. This group challenges the status quo, exposes common myths and misconceptions, presents cutting edge information and masterminds together to create direction and inspire new ways of thinking about our choices.  We believe that you are the director of your own life, and as such, have the power to change your current situation.  Whether it be a financial downturn, a sudden or chronic health issue, a relationship problem or emotional imbalance.  We understand that there are no victims, that together we can rise above any situation to become victors!

One person is powerful, but many people that come together for a common cause are unstoppable.  Please join us in our mission to empower people to step into their own awesomeness – one step at a time!  It’s been said that if you want to change the world, you must first be the change you want to see.  By taking small steps, we find that we have traveled far in our journey.  We’re excited to be change agents for each other and provide support, accountability, direction and sister love.  Our group is a platform for any people who wants a better way and is open to suggestions and doing the necessary internal work to reap benefits.

So come with the intention and mindset of a student of life.  Keep an open mind and heart, and be prepared for your own transformation.

This is a mixture of education, sharing and homework. The only way it works when each of us does our part.  When the opportunity arises, we come together to mastermind ideas to help another member through their particular issue.

We provide the supportive context, but only you can make the changes necessary to propel yourself forward into the vibrant, healthy lifestyle you desire.

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