Best Version of You Women Retreat

I am thrilled to share the biggest news with you. Together with my friend Lorna Blake, who is a certified life coach and women empowerment coach, we team up to co-host The Best Version of You Women Retreat in early November.  We are so excited about this for many reasons.  Lorna and I both had overcame some serious odds in our life in our own unique way, and now live the life we love.  We have been restored to our best health physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. We want to help women at the retreat to experience the most wonderful time of fun, joyful, relaxed and yet educational and uplifting to elevate themselves to the best version of themselves in every area of their life. 

Recently, we had a conference call: “overcoming the odds” when Lorna and I shared briefly our own personal story. Here is the recording of the call: You will learn how close I came to the brink of death and what kept me going. How Lorna carved out a new life after abandonment and abuse… The exciting women’s retreat we are co-hosting Nov. 12 to 15 near Orlando and some of what to expect. 

  1. Lorna recently interviewed Gisella Monclova singer, author and speaker who will be speaking at the retreat.

In this call learn what made Gisella feel trapped with no safe haven to turn to. How she overcame being silenced & feeling unsafe in her female body to find her voice.

How Lorna and Gisella share similar early life experiences and pains… Some of the powerful tools you will receive by attending the women’s retreat Nov. 12 to 15 near Orlando and some of what Gisella will be teaching.

  1. Here’s an amazing interview with Lorna & Sara speaking to retreat workshop presenter Dr. Janice Hudson.

In this call: What issues so profoundly impacted her earlier life, Dr. Hudson said “you almost wouldn’t expect to recover from…”

How this women’s retreat in Lorna’s heart quickly was “birth” with the right people like Dr. Hudson and Sara showing up at the right time with the exact support needed.

Why Dr. Hudson feels that “women are being refined and fine-tuned to take positions of healing leadership”.

How important this retreat is according to Dr. Hudson and some of the juicy details of her workshop.

Early bird tix $397 includes three nights stay and all meals. Space is limited. Don’t delay!

You already know if this is for you… Go here to reserve your spot!

It’s an amazing retreat: powerful workshops, awesome speakers, laser coaching sessions, dance/movement, journaling & self-reflection, yoga, relaxation and some surprises!

Come join us!

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You can get all the details of the retreat here:

I look forward to see you, connect with you at this awesome retreat.

Love & Hugs,

Sara Im