News for week of Oct. 11, 2015!!!

Greetings my friends!!! I am thrilled to write you again today.  I hope you have been blessed with some good things the last few weeks.  I want to start with my favorite quotation for today: “Blessed are the gentle.” Gentleness, in it’s genuine and original meaning… was a term denoting true inner strength under control; Charles R. Swindoll.

Inner Strength and Resilience, it the topic of my talk at the workshop at WIN’s Symposium next Tuesday, October 13th at 7pm. You are invited to enjoy the evening with us at the 10th annual WIN Symposium from 5:30 to 8:30 pm, get the ticket and details at: Enjoy foods, exhibitors, networking, workshops, shopping, silent auction, door prize drawings, etc.  I will have a table showcasing my book “How I Survived the Killing Fields, a Story of Hope, Love and Determination”.

The biggest news I want to share is the upcoming women retreat. Together with my friend Lorna Blake, who is a certified spiritual life coach, we team up to co-host The Best Version of You Women Retreat in early November.  We are so excited about this for many reasons.  Lorna and I both had overcame some serious odds in our life in our own unique way, and now live the life we love.  We want to help women at the retreat to experience the most wonderful time of fun, joyful, relaxed and yet educational and uplifting to elevate themselves to the best version of themselves in every area of their life. We just had a conference call: “overcoming the odds” when Lorna and I shared briefly our own personal story. Here is the recording of the call: You will learn how close I came to the brink of death and what kept me going. How Lorna carved out a new life after abandonment and abuse… The exciting women’s retreat we are co-hosting Nov. 12 to 15 near Orlando and some of what to expect.  You can get all the details of the retreat here:

And lastly, our Smart Healthy Lifestyle Group will meet to share about Healthy Living for better digestive systems, on Tuesday Oct. 20 at 6:30 pm, you are invited.  Digestive systems is one of the most important system in our body to breakdown food and nutrition to nurture our whole body.  When you experience heart burn, constipation, bloating, etc. that could be your digestive system is not healthy; this condition can cause poor absorption of the nutrition your body desperately needs.

I look forward to see you, connect with you at one or all of the events.

Make it a wonderful day!

Love & Hugs,

Sara Im

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